introspection | deconstruction | visualisation


To improve self-understanding and self-awareness, AuthenticME is an online platform that releases your limiting beliefs and reveals your authentic self.


Why AuthenticME

Are you living your best life? Getting the best results on your own terms?

We form most of our core beliefs at a young age, including beliefs about ourselves. Those beliefs guide our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors; ultimately, they affect our results in life. But what if those beliefs are not true? In today’s modern world, we hardly have time and energy to uncover our limiting beliefs, preventing us from pursuing our goals, which results in an unfulfilling life.With a focus on introspection, AuthenticME goes into the root causes of your unfulfillments and reveals who you truly are.


How does it work

Based on cognitive restructuring theory, AuthenticME is made up of three steps:1. Introspection: to identify your underlying belief system;
2. Deconstruction: to question those limiting beliefs;
3. Visualisation: to generate alternatives that are authentic to you.
With these 3 steps, you gradually develop a more accurate image of yourself.
You can also connect with like-minded people through our community.


Your benefits

1. Increase your awareness;
2. See things in a more truthful, unbiased manner;
3. Become more open-minded;
4. Dare to challenge existing worldviews;
5. Get closer to your authentic self.

introspection | deconstruction | visualisation

Our Team

My name is Kaili. 5 years ago, I was unfulfilled and struggling with finding myself. Luckily, I started a self-discovery journey and succeeded in overcoming a lot of my limiting beliefs. I am still on this journey. But I want to share my vision and solution with you through AuthenticME.I am a web developer and I am looking for a business co-founder with marketing skills to join me on this journey. If you are interested, please register your interest down below.

introspection | deconstruction | visualisation

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